About Oak Line Press

Dee Suberla, Founder of Oak Line PressAbout Dee G. Suberla, Founder of Oak Line Press

Dee Suberla, author, teacher, coach, and business consultant, works with individuals and groups interested in achieving results. During her 30 years in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, Dee developed expertise in project management and evolved into an accomplished consultant, speaker, coach. She is an adjunct instructor with the University of Chicago Professional Education, and owns D G Suberla Consulting, LLC and Oak Line Press. She created the publishing company to help others achieve their dreams of writing books and help them avoid the pitfalls she encountered on her publishing journeys.

As an engaging and motivating speaker, Dee breaks concepts down to optimize the learning experience and inspires attendees to make the necessary changes to achieve their goals. She is the author of two non-fiction books: C’mon, Let’s Play! Living, Playing and Moving Forward and Poof You’re a Project Manager and other Delusions of Grandeur. She is currently working on a middle grade fantasy fiction novel called The Zing Fling which will be published by Oak Line Press later this year.

Dee has a BA from Columbia College and an MBA from Webster University. Her certifications include the Project Management Professional (PMP™), Trainer for the Resilience Advantage™ and Dream Builder. Dee lives in Northern Illinois with her husband Ed and their goofy dog, Etta, an English Bull Terrier.

Why Oak Line Press?

Here I am, in 2023 opening another business. It’s boutique publishing company called Oak Line Press and I’m delighted to be able to help clients achieve their dreams of writing and publishing a book.

So, what’s with the name – why Oak Line Press?

Well, I grew up amongst oak trees, our yard was full of them along with a few hickory trees. When I was very young my mom said that she had to tie me up to the big Oak in the side yard. What? Call family services, what sort of abuse is this? Well, upon further examination, it was just another way to save the life of a little one.

I have always been a champion sleeper. When I was old enough to walk on my own, I would find nice comfy places to sleep once I tired of following the older kids around. There are a couple of pictures of me asleep outside. One where I fell asleep under the lawn furniture in the backyard, another of me on the front step of our house waiting for mom  to return from the store. But the day mom found me snoozing under a parked car she knew two things: 1. the older kids were not up to watching me close enough and 2. I had to be restrained. She fashioned a long enough harness and leash ensemble for me to walk around a wide area, but not leave the yard. So I was tied to the old oak. She said that I’d walk around for a while and then just curl up in the roots of that gigantic oak tree and drift off to sleep.

My goal is to help new authors write and publish their own books that will help readers move forward in life or business or both! The publishing journey begins with my first publication of the audiobook version of C’mon Let’s Play. I’ve just submitted my own middle grade fantasy adventure called The Zing Fling. It will be published in Q3 or Q4 this year. I’m going through the same process my clients will go through.

I decided to become a publisher since I have several other pieces to write, plus I know there are a lot of people that would love to publish a book. How do I know, because when they find out I’ve written books of my own, they tell me that they always wanted to write a book, or people always tell them they should publish a book. If you have said this more than three or four times, let’s connect and talk it out!