Book Ideation and Strategy

Do you feel like you need to write a book? Does the idea excite and scare you at the same time?

I understand. I went through this phase a few times. It’s part of the process! Typically, there is a topic or event that you tend to focus on, maybe not with a lot of clarity but more as a place to start.

Sometimes, you feel like you don’t have that and yet… you are driven to create. Enter the Ideation and Strategy step of writing books with Oak Line Press.

See the Blog on Searching for Stories – there may be a few ideas in there for you.

Consider these areas – does anything resonate with you?

  1. Personal Development: Covers a wide range of topics, including self-improvement, mindfulness, goal setting, and motivation.
  2. Science Fiction/Fantasy: These genres offer limitless possibilities for world-building, and character development.
  3. History: Historical books can cover a variety of time periods, events, and figures.
  4. Memoir: Memoirs are personal stories that offer insight into a specific time or event in a person’s life. They can be written by anyone with a compelling story to tell.
  5. Business: Business books can cover a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and marketing.

Start with a Free Call

In the ideation phase, at worst we have a phone call and in the end you may or may not feel ready. The first 45-minute call is free – so we can talk it out. If you think you are ready, then we can have a few more calls at $60 each to pull the strategy together.

After you begin to execute your strategy and feel like the actual writing is not working out for you, we can help with our Ghost Writing option.

If writing isn’t the problem, but you find that you just don’t sit down and write, then the Coaching option may come into play. We’ll set up a list of writing objectives and connect them to the calendar. I will check in regularly to make sure you’re staying on track and, if necessary, revise the plan up to two times when necessary.

In all cases – you will be working to get a well edited manuscript completed and ready for submission to your publisher.

Contact us today to get started!

Cartoon illustration of a typewriter and planning to write a book