There are two ways we can work together in a coaching relationship: Ghost Writing and Project Management.

Ghost Writing Support

Ghost writing means that one of our experienced writers will work with you to bring your ideas out into the light and those ideas and turn them into text chapters and finally a book. This includes initial concept discussions and if accepted you and the ghost writer will complete a list of tasks and timelines to get the work done.

Project Management Support

This is where you do all the writing, and the project manager works with you to get that final manuscript submitted. The project manager is all about getting the job done and does not review content, suggest changes, and make a decision on whether or not the manuscript is ready project. You, the author makes these decisions including whether you want to submit at all. There is obligation to work with Oak Line Press. Also, Oak Line Press may not approve it for publication due to the genre or content.

Ready to start?

We offer coaching for self-publishing to help people who want to do the work themselves and just need a little direction along the way. Contact us to get started.

An illustration of a publishing expert on Zoom speaking with an author